Ignored Sex Fetishism

Oct 2

Thanks a bunch! Oh, you've probably seen it, but if you do a quick search for "liscence to sex" you should get links to 4 videos on xhamster that I thought were great. Not exactly ignored, but I find the mind control thing to be really hot. Thought I'd drop it out there for the video collection/pastebin collection -J.P.


Yeah, I have run into that set of videos before. For anyone reading who’s curious and is too lazy to do the Googling themselves, well, here you go.

I liked the concept as well myself, and I was able to greatly enjoy how the surrounding people ignored it and reacted as if it were all normal (namely the scene at the dinner table which I love), so I have to give the studio credit for doing that. Really wish I could find a working download or torrent for the sequel, SDMS-548:

The wedding scene and school scene in this one look fantastic. Unfortunately, it’s a pretty old video (from 2008), so I don’t exactly have my hopes up in regards to actually obtaining it, especially after I’ve yet to find anything after a few years of looking for it. But hey, maybe someday.

Oct 1

Oh, quick question, when things start getting back to whatever normal was as far as content uploading, could you like, drop something like a weekly or bi-weekly update on everything that's new in all the spectrums you're working on (Chyoo, Hentaifoundry, captions, etc)? -JP


That is actually an absolutely splendid idea. Thanks for the suggestion, I will definitely do that. Though, with how I work, it might end up being monthly updates, but I’ll still do that for sure.

I will say that I have been gradually progressing through the stack of Alternatum threads the past few days. There’s now less than 50 waiting for my approval, so I am moving forward, even if just a bit at a time—but better than nothing at all. I really can’t wait to finish with those so I can write a few captions here. My “images for Tumblr captions” folder is growing exceedingly large, and with it, so are my ideas for things to write here.

In due time, in due time.

I was ecstatic to find someone so very much into a fetish I've had for ages! And not only that, unlike myself, you really went far to propagate the fetish. I discovered you reading "The Law" on HF, and I've been hooked on following your posts on all the disparate sites you're on. Keep up the amazing work!!

Bless you and everything about you.

Thank you for your kind words. Stay beautiful.

suggestion: ignored femdom.

I’ve actually dabbled into femdom a little bit in the past, namely in this caption from February (actually, not “namely”, since that’s just about the only femdom-esque thing I’ve written). The thing is that my vision of femdom and how I enjoy it isn’t really femdom, I think…if it is, then it’s extremely light femdom in the sense that it’s just light teasing with just a bit of a mean attitude. That’s the only way I find that I enjoy it. Unless that sort of thing isn’t light femdom and is in fact normal femdom? I don’t even know. As far as I understand, it’s usually heavier than that (at least by all the femdom videos I’ve run into that involve things like ballbusting or kicking or the like). I guess it’s different for everyone, much like any fetish. In the end, it’s never been a really big thing of mine that gets me going as much as casual/ignored sex or feet do, but I do enjoy the idea of a girl acting somewhat rude like that while still allowing herself to be used. Is being somewhat rude even femdom, or just characterization? Now I’m curious.


I used the word femdom nine times in that paragraph.

I find that amusing.

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with a suggestion, I appreciate that. I did have some more stuff planned with those kind of slightly rude girls, so if that is femdom, you’ll be seeing more of it, and if it isn’t femdom, well, you’ll see it anyway.

I'm sorry to hear about all that. I hope you feel better soon, friendo!

Thank you. I’ve been doing much better. I actually was able to go through a good amount of threads for Alternatum last night for approval. Once I’m done handling all of them, I’m going to get things going here again.


I love all of you.

Like, I know I say that a lot, but I seriously mean it. Thank you.

i thought this would make more sense than answering them all individually sorry

Hey! How are things going?-JP


Well, I just explained everything here, but in short, things were going really not too great the past week. Death anxiety is a hell of a thing to cope with. My grandmother’s death just as I was getting over it acted as a nasty reset button and put me back at square one, so I was distraught for another day or two afterwards.

I talked to a lot of my friends about it to get things off my chest and I did some research on Buddhism and reincarnation and after doing so I felt much more at ease and relaxed. During all that time, a good 40~45+ threads were submitted to Alternatum, so I’m gonna have to go through all of those on my next days off. Fantastic stuff, really, I think you guys will enjoy it.

In any case, I’m feeling much better now, thank you.

Chaos, It's Murakami, one of the admins on CHYOA. Even if you aren't in the mood to write right now (believe me, I know that can happen), could you do us a favor and stop by every week or so for 10 min to approve the threads of contributors to your stories? I have been getting messages from them asking if you have left the site and if I could approve their posts in your absence.

My apologies. I had an anxiety attack last week and my grandmother passed away on Monday, so life has been not exactly great for me as of late. I’m feeling much better now, though, so I’ll be going through those submissions at large on my next days off work (usually Tuesday/Wednesday or Wednesday/Thursday). I’ll also try to do some editing and approving before/after work in the next few days.

If you wouldn’t mind, please go ahead and link this post here explaining my absence to those people who messaged you. I had already told one of the contributors what happened, so I’d like for everyone to know so they’re not left assuming that I just hate them or something.



What an amazing way to wake up!

My eyes squinted when the early morning sun filled our bed room. I moaned annoyed having my slumber interrupted. However, it wasn’t that fact alone that awoke me, it was the mysterious incessant movement going on. I usually slept on my stomach so I lifted my head…

Are you planning anything more on "The choice"? It's one of the hottest things I have read in a long time. It's really good work. I check it for updates way to much to be honest. Even if you have no plans just saying thanks for the read.


Yes. None of my projects are canceled, be it The Choice, Alternatum, or captions here. As I explained a few asks ago, video games are just kind of absorbing my time at the moment because everything I want is coming out over the next few months. And, to be completely honest with you, the few attempts I’ve taken at writing captions and stories the past week, I haven’t felt confident in anything and kept starting from scratch over and over again, and when that happens, it usually means I need some time away from writing anyway.

The most I’ve managed to accomplish lately is editing several submissions I’ve had for Alternatum. Attempts at writing something myself have constantly resulted in me second-guessing all of it and not liking it very much, which means I’ve probably burnt myself out of a bit and need a break. I’m only human, after all.

Anyway, things might be quiet for a little while, but I’m not dead and neither are my projects.

Sep 9

Just wanted to say I love your site. I thought only me and like 2 people on /d/ were interested in this.


To be honest, I was probably one of those 2 people on /d/ as I’ve posted there about it a few times and even started a thread for it once.

Bless that other person aside from you and I, though.

In any case, glad you’ve enjoyed my work.

Sep 7

oh yeah, i may or may not have spent about an hour on your blog and queued up some reblogs, sooo... sorry in advance for the notespam. i have a tendency to do that.

Is a note spam a thing some people worry about? Huh.

You’ve got absolutely nothing to apologize for. Reblogs are great and awesome and a lovely way to show support. I’d express my gratitude by groveling at your feet, but in case you’re not into that or find that plain weird, and due to the fact that this is the Internet, I’ll leave it at a straightforward “thank you.”

…and that was a likely poor attempt at humor on my part. Probably came off as more creepy than anything since I’ve been rather open about the fact that I have a foot fetish, but I tried.

Jokes aside, thanks a ton for that, genuinely appreciated. I also realized I never followed your blog which was a terrible mistake on my part. I’m going to rectify that.

Now I should probably get back to work lest I make more weird jokes that nobody finds funny.

Sep 7

Are you familiar with "Pollinic Girls Attack"?

Yeah, I have. I had an ask about it sometime ago; http://ignoredsex.tumblr.com/post/71297834678/theres-an-hentai-doujin-called-pollinic-girls-attack

The opinions I’ve expressed there have changed since then, though. Nowadays it’s easier for me to get being a setting like that where sex itself, not the girls, is casual and the girls actively enjoy everything as they normally would. I still prefer it when the girls act nonchalant about it and don’t pay it much mind, but you can’t go wrong with either, in my opinion.

Sep 2
It’s funny how a lot of the commentary and reblogs of this gif are people laughing at it and finding it hilarious while I’m just sitting here incredibly aroused by it with an erection to show for it.

This really is just about the hottest thing I’ve ever seen and I’m about to begin a long and difficult battle to find some form of source on the off chance that the movie it comes from has more scenes like it.

If anyone knows anything about this movie’s ID or the actress’ name or even a link to the scene, please let me know. This is beyond perfect.

It’s funny how a lot of the commentary and reblogs of this gif are people laughing at it and finding it hilarious while I’m just sitting here incredibly aroused by it with an erection to show for it.

This really is just about the hottest thing I’ve ever seen and I’m about to begin a long and difficult battle to find some form of source on the off chance that the movie it comes from has more scenes like it.

If anyone knows anything about this movie’s ID or the actress’ name or even a link to the scene, please let me know. This is beyond perfect.

(Source: newkidsonmycock20)

Sep 1

I just found the equivalent of a diamond. Its western casual porn without all the censoring and weird moaning and why can't i put the link in this here textbox?


Because Tumblr is stupid.

Damn it, Tumblr.

You can just e-mail me the link (chaosmuramasa94@gmail.com) and then I can share it with everyone here.

Like, I hope you see this response and e-mail it to me. I’m actually sort of maybe probably definitely begging you. It sounds like you struck gold and I am beyond curious to see it.