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Hey there! When I first found your content, it brought my long-time yet ill-understood casual/free use fetish into the light. Recently I was showing 'Alternatum' to my girlfriend on my iPad, and about halfway through the D-cup/virgin branch, she asked me to fuck her from behind while she kept reading. I don't suppose I need to explain to you all the levels on which that's hot... So, to get to the point, THANK YOU, for that and for everything else. Also, please write some more Alternatum. ;)


I already responded to you on Reddit, but I’m answering here just in case any other followers of mine find this as hot as I did. Hell, I’m getting another hard-on just rereading this message, to be honest. Like, for real, that’s just awesome.

Congratulations, friend. I hope you and her have some more sexy fun times, and if any of my other followers have stories like this, don’t be afraid to share them. Hearing stuff like this only makes me want to write even more. I’ll probably punch myself in the face if I don’t get a new caption out tomorrow or something. Though, if anyone sends me something and wants me to respond privately, let me know. Can’t read minds, yo.

Rocket released their August update previews for next month’s new titles, and my prayers were finally answered:

They’re actually making a sequel to RCT-430, one of my personal favorites. I always felt like it was an incredibly well made movie that executed the fetish pretty much perfectly, and by the looks of this trailer, this new one (RCT-640) is going to be pretty fucking amazing.

It’s out on August 7th. If we’re lucky, there’ll be download links or torrents up within a few days afterwards. If we’re unlucky, it won’t be uploaded at all, sharing the fate of SDDE-334 and a few other relevant videos.

Keep your fingers crossed.

We can also look forward to SDDE-363 which releases on the same day:

And DIY-001, which will be out on August 1st:

So yeah, next month is looking pretty fucking awesome.

tl;dr japan is fucking amazing for actually continuing to make content for this fetish and you should prepare yourself for these videos

Hi there. I can not see videos SEX japan IGNORED Can you upload to xhamster and add more new or old please? I love that video types congratulations on the page - a greeting

Wow, I am four days late with answering this. Very sorry.

And I’m even more sorry to inform you that I don’t have much interest in uploading videos to xHamster. Aside from the policy they have for no watermarks on videos (many of my videos have watermarks so they get declined), even if I did manage to get any uploaded, I’ve seen far too many videos on xHamster vanish or be deleted with no explanation or warning. vPorn is the best host I know, so that’s why I post there. I’m not entirely sure why or how my vPorn pages aren’t loading for you. If you have an ad-blocking program installed on your browser, maybe try turning it off on vPorn pages and see if that helps out.

My apologies once again, but I don’t think I’ll be bothering with xHamster.

Do you have any of the scenes from "Sex granting a dream of middle Toshio does what grant a dream of middle Toshio, Sex wants to do! 2", especially the gym scene loaded anywhere, or do you know where they may be online? I love your tumblr!


I have that entire movie, yes. For a time, the entirety of it was uploaded onto my HardSexTube page (along with several others), but everything there was deleted without warning. Since then, I’ve only reuploaded the last scene onto my vPorn page. The gym scene you speak of is actually a time stop scene, which is why I didn’t upload it. It’s a relatively old movie, so all download links and torrents for it are unfortunately dead.

Thanks for your comment.

love your stuff on the collective (I'm a hypno+female foot guy and prefer male dom which is one of the harder fetishes to find on the net) and am wondering if you're gonna continue the universal acceptance series? Thanks!


Yes, that will be continued. I won’t make any promises as to when but you can be rest assured that I have the pictures and the plot lines for the next few organized and ready to go. It’s just a matter of writing them, which will definitely happen at some point in time before eventually.

that one video we’ve been talking about in the past few asks

good news ahead

a fan of mine e-mailed me saying he recognized the video we were talking about and linked it to me, so here you guys go.

im not taking credit for this discovery in the slightest; all credit and thanks goes to the guy who took the time to e-mail me with the link. you, sir, are awesome, and you’ve no doubt made at least one person very happy. 

hooray for fresh material~

Do you still update The Choice and Alternatum? I really loved them, but they left me wanting more. It's cool if you aren't any more, I'm just wondering. (BTW I'm the beautiful person from the 3rd and the one looking for the video a couple days ago - figured I'd just make a new tumblr geared towards sexual stuffs)

Hey, glad to see a beautiful name attached to a beautiful person.

I haven’t updated them in a while, no. I’m not done with them—not in the slightest, I’ve got tons planned. I’m just not writing as much as I used to lately due to work and drowning myself in anime.

Don’t watch anime, guys. Anime fucked me up.

Anime will fuck you up.

I don’t want to make any promises as to when they’ll be updated again. The most I can say is that I will return to them eventually, even if only in sporadic bursts of chapters here and there. I think the next time I manage to get some inspiration for writing, though, it’ll likely be for captions on my Tumblr here. My last caption ended on a very obvious hook for a part 2, and with that image set consisting of multiple scenes, I had at least 3 or 4 parts planned overall. Perhaps after I finish that and some other minor projects I’ve been planning, I can see if I can get back to The Choice or Alternatum.

Thanks for your comments once again.

Jul 8

I've been looking for a specific video for years now and I can't seem to find it - maybe you could help. It's an older video of a girl chewing gum and a guy in a leather jacket and sunglasses watching TV with the girl's parents, and then the guy starts going at it with the girl right in front of the parents. At one point when she's sucking his cock, the mom says "don't talk with your mouth full". In the end, when the guy cums, it nearly hits the mom. Probably the hottest thing I've ever seen.


Unfortunately (and man, do I mean unfortunately), I can’t say I’ve ever run into that video. I wish I knew of it, because that sounds absolutely fantastic.

I just spent the past hour divebombing through Google and search engines for it, but I haven’t found it. Maybe it’ll turn up one day, though. After all, we always find the things we’re looking for when we’re not actually looking for them. If I do run across it, you can bet I’ll post it here.

Sorry I couldn’t be much more help than that. Here’s to hoping it’s found eventually.

Jul 4

i lose a follower every time i post a new picture/image set/caption

are people ignoring me to turn me on

(it’s working)

Jul 4

One day, I got a package in the mail that I never ordered. There was no return address or receipt—just a letter with some brief information and a small box holding a featureless black cap.

The letter detailed how the hat apparently carried the ability to render me invisible. Whoever sent this to me claimed that I would cease to exist whenever I had the hat on, that people wouldn’t even be able to sense me and that they wouldn’t react to anything I did or anything I caused.

It goes without saying that I was beyond skeptical. Becoming an invisible apparition that people wouldn’t even feel just by putting on a hat? Absolutely ridiculous…

…which is why I had to try it. After all, it’s just a hat—easy enough to take it off. Not like I’d be swallowing a pill or anything.

As I adorned the cap—didn’t look too bad for just a simple black hat, really—I heard the footsteps of my next door neighbor. A young college student, she usually returned from her classes around this hour. Perfect timing.

Stepping outside, I called to her and greeted her with a wave, but…

"Maybe I’ll give the girls a call and see if they want to hang out today…"

…nothing. Totally focused on her phone, she kept walking on into her room, not even so much as looking at me.

That might have convinced some, but I wasn’t ready to buy into this “non-existence” crap just by that alone. She’s usually like that, drowning in her phone to the point where she doesn’t even realize she’s being called. It didn’t really surprise me.

Following her into her room, I stood in front of her as she sat on her bed and brought the phone to her ear. Looking right into her eyes, I called to her again and even shook her shoulders a bit, but she simply stared emptily back at me, almost as if she weren’t looking at anything and was instead looking through me.

"Hey! What’re you doing?"

She had started talking on the phone, still not giving me any reaction. At this point, you could say my curiosity was starting to rise.

I wasn’t sure how I grasped the courage to do it, but I latched my hands onto her breasts without much thought, groping them lightly through her shirt. Much to my surprise, the shocked yell of "You pervert!" that I expected never came—she kept talking with a smile as I fondled her tits, seemingly uncaring about it.

I didn’t really want to even begin fathoming how it was possible, but it was true: this hat really did erase my existence. Cementing this truth even further was her continued lack of reaction as I began to undress her, eventually laying her down on the bed with my erect cock out and ready.

…What? Don’t look at me like that. As if you wouldn’t have done the same thing with that kind of power. Wouldn’t anyone? What else did you expect me to do with the ability to do as I please to people without them knowing? Drop money into their pockets? Please.

As I went down on her and enjoyed the taste of her pussy, I realized something—as opposed to her conscious self, her body reacted much like it normally would. The more I rubbed, licked, and kissed her slit, the wetter it got. Looking at her chest, I saw a similar reaction from her nipples as they slowly grew erect from arousal. It seemed like I was still getting the same involuntary reactions I would have gotten otherwise, but as far as awareness went…

"Oh, the new diner down the block just opened up last week, didn’t it? We should all grab lunch there!"

…people had no idea what was happening to them and continued to act normally.

That was pretty fucking hot, to be honest.

At this point, I realized that every woman in town was essentially my toy. I could do as I pleased and they’d just ignore it. No one would question why a woman on the street was half-naked and bent-over…oh, the fun this would entail.

Having confirmed the legitimacy of the black hat’s apparent wizardry, I wasted no time inserting myself into the tight, warm insides of my neighbor. I’ll be straightforwardly honest with you—at that time, it had been months since I last enjoyed the pleasures the sex, so you can imagine just how crazy I was going with the freedom to bang any woman at my leisure. I don’t think I’ve ever moved my hips quite as fast and hard as I did that day, really. Despite the speed and strength with which I was fucking her, though…

"Yeah, yeah! Invite them too! Finals are over, we should have some fun!"

…she kept talking without a care in the world, her smile and laughter still unbroken with all of her attention on her conversation. She was starting to sweat, but she didn’t react to even that.

Oh, how that only made it all the more pleasurable for me, though.

I’m going to take a wild guess and say that whoever made the hat was going for “You can do anything you want, but you’ll feel annoyed by not being acknowledged!” or something along those lines. After all, any reality-bending superpower has to have a downside, right? Normally, that’d be the case…but it was the complete opposite here. Screwing this girl as feverishly as I was and seeing her treat it as just a casual everyday affair that she could talk through was something that was beyond hot to me in a way that I can’t even explain. Combine that with how I hadn’t enjoyed the wonders of sex in nearly half a year and you get the positively seismic explosion of cum that I rained down onto her. For comparison, the last time I experienced a release that enjoyable and potent was probably when I lost my virginity.

Then, as if all of that wasn’t awesome enough to begin with…

"I’ll be there in a few minutes! See you soon!"

…she got up and started making her way to the door, ready to journey onto the street to meet her friends. Not even bothering to clean herself up or fix her wardrobe which I thoroughly dismantled, I followed her as she headed outside wearing nothing more than her sweater with her body and face glazed in fresh semen.

That was the extent of my non-existence—even things like cumming on a girl or removing her clothes would go unacknowledged. People she passed by on the street didn’t even so much as glance at her appearance, finding nothing wrong with her. Since I caused it, there was nothing wrong to be found to begin with.

As I followed her to her destination, my mind went rampant in imagining scenarios. I couldn’t help but smile at the idea of finding a girl getting dressed up for a party and completely removing her dress, leading to her going out naked and everyone finding it to be normal. I also decided I would add “give a facial to a girl doing her makeup” onto my bucket list.

It wasn’t too long before we made it to the diner she spoke of. It only took me two seconds of stepping into this place to figure out just how much fun I was going to have here. Following her to her table with a number of her friends already seated there, I watched them greet her with waves and smiles, helplessly turned on by how casual they acted despite her current state.

Where did I go from there? Oh, you’ll see…

Jul 3

I think I would kind of like to live in a world where the law is set in place but then, on the negative side, I'm not really okay with creepy grandfathers fucking me. Everything else I am fine with. Oh, and a question. If girls want to fuck a guy, then what? Is he not allowed to say no or what?


I’ve actually thought about things from a girl’s perspective and what she may or may not enjoy. The answer I came up with was a sort of alternative take on The Law where instead of every woman being free use for every man, when a girl turned 18, she would have to go through some official paperwork of some sort to specify what parts of her body she would offer to what age range of men. So, you’d get women who only do anal for guys aged 18-30, or women who only do oral for men aged 30-50, so on and so forth. That’s just the basic idea; there would be a lot more variety with mixing and matching and it’d be way more in-depth than that. At the least, there would be a minimum quota of what they’d have to meet, but they could at least sign themselves up to do things they’re comfortable with to guys they’re comfortable with. I might explore that kind of idea soon enough.

Technically, the guy is allowed to say no. Not that many would decline, of course, unless they’re that busy, but they have the option to do so. I actually had a fun chapter planned around that sort of idea where a girl has a crush on a guy and tries to make advances on him to get him to use her, but he’s rather lazy and unmotivated and doesn’t take her up on her offers, so she keeps working to try and get him interested. Might explore that soon, too.

Thanks for your comments and thoughts, much appreciated.

Jul 3

I just wanted to let you know that I love your work! This has been my main fetish for as long as I can remember, but it is so hard to find any good content. I found a little bit of solace when I found the boredignored subreddit, but it just never really fully got there. Then, I found your tumblr when searching the word ignored specifically (don't know why I hadn't thought of that earlier) and went through The Choice. And oh my, I swear I hadn't been so turned on in years. Keep up the good work!


Thanks, you beautiful person.

The subreddit is a bit lacking, though, yeah. Kind of unfortunate. I try to post whatever I can in there whenever I find stuff, but it’s really quiet and inactive otherwise. Quite the shame, really.

The good news is that I’ve run into a surprising amount of new material over the past week. Haven’t exactly had time to post anything or make captions with any of it due to generally being busy with work, but I’ll see if I can fit some stuff into a queue for tomorrow. It is my mom’s birthday, though, and there are some family plans, so I can’t make any promises, but new stuff is coming, at least.

anyway thanks again for the love you beautiful person and everyone else. as for me it’s fucking 5:10am so im gonna get the fuck to sleep

Jul 2

Hi! Could u write few chapters of non-standard situations pls? I bet it will be most interesting! For example, surgeon, trying to fix a heart, while being rammed? I wonder is the patient survives?) Or a female detective trying to make an arrest, while the subject can have his way with her?) etc. This should be amusing! By the way, teens of our world do have sex before 18 and a lot. I see no reason why it cant happen in the LAW universe. anyway, thank u for great stuff, keep at it pls!


I’ve had a few things like that planned for the future, yeah. A hospital visit like that along with a crime scene of sorts with an investigation were definitely on my to-do list. Also had some stuff planned for a trial in court as well things like filming a movie or TV show. If I could find relevant pictures for them, I’d just make these ideas captions, but I don’t think I’ll ever run into anything like that. If all else fails, I’ll probably just make them stand alone chapters specifically for Tumblr or something.

As for your point on teens, yeah, that’s definitely true. In this universe, teens are probably doing their own thing and exploring sex as they become comfortable with it, just like in real life. I just didn’t want to throw any girls under 18 into the actual structure of The Law for obvious reasons; however, I’m definitely not saying that teens in this universe aren’t still having their own fun with their friends or romantic interests or what have you. Besides, any girl who understands what happens once she becomes 18 would likely want to start practicing at least a few years prior.

Thanks for taking the time to message me your thoughts, much appreciated.

P.S. sorry this took extra forever to answer, work was beyond crazy yesterday

Jul 1

How do the people younger than 18 go around in society?


The same way they go around in society right now.

The thing with The Law in that universe is that it’s been around longer than anyone can remember. That fictional setting is literally just standard reality as we know it today, except there’s no STDs, women can control their pregnancies, and sex happens everywhere. A lot. Aside from those three things and the other things that constant sex ends up having an effect on (wardrobe and appearance, diet, etc), everything’s the same.

A group of young teenagers hanging out would just keep talking and laughing with one another even as the older women around them are fucked. To them, that’s the world they grew up in and live in, so a lot of people don’t usually give it much more thought than that. It’s so completely normal to them and everyone else that there isn’t really anything they’d say about it. For example, you don’t usually think much about how you breathe or blink your eyes all day, do you? It’s the same idea.

Of course, this opens up a disgusting can of worms when it comes to the fact that children would see the stuff that happens in public and all of that other nonsense, and that’s a topic I usually try to avoid all together because this is all a completely fantasy-based smut world to begin with. Trying to get realistic with the idea that “that’s not right when you think about the kids” when the world in question is absolutely ridiculous to begin with is…yeah. There’s a reason this is just fantasy writing, after all.

Thanks for a rather interesting question.

Jul 1

nii236 replied to your post: anonymous said:I’m guessing you a…

Cup size is letter. Big cups mean big boobs. I think the number part refers to the circumference of the torso just below the boobs, so a smaller number suggests a smaller torso.

Now that I’m finally home from work and can respond properly;

That makes an astounding amount of sense. Now I can see how some of the stuff I’ve written would seem really out of whack in regards to that.

Thanks for the clarification.